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The first day of Spring is in one week so I think (hope!) it's now safe to say that we've fully experienced an English Winter.  It was shaping up to be a mild and wet one, but then a couple weeks ago we were hit by the "Beast from the East" and were left under a layer of 5 inches of snow and ice with freezing temperatures.
It was beautiful but since this part of the country is not used to that much snow, they don't have snow plows either.  Luckily I knew the forecast so I'd stocked the house with plenty of supplies, cooked food ahead of time, and washed all our clothes in preparation to ride out whatever we would experience.  Coming from a place that is home to both ice storms and tornados and has regularly occurring thunderstorms, you learn not to freak out at the prospect of bad weather. It was a good thing we were prepared because it became a week that also included a burst pipe and a nonworking boiler (what heats the water that goes to the radiators and war…

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