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So we moved again...

When we arrived here in the UK at the end of June, there was little on the rental market that fit our location-size-price parameters.  We were staying in an AirBnB with rapidly dwindling days left, so finding the big house right next to the park seemed like a God-send.   And it was!   Our leasing agent moved mountains to get us into the house before we would be forced to squeeze ourselves and our 20 bags of possessions into a tiny hotel room. We had nice neighbors and the kids loved the freedom to go to the playground on their own occasionally.  The home was big; it had 4 bedrooms, 2 of which were giant, and 3.5 baths.  It was 120 years old and in fantastic condition.
But we were paying for all that, and spending lots of money on a big house is not the reason we came here.  We could've stayed in our house in the US if that was all we wanted.

A clause in our lease allowed us to end our contract without penalty after 6 months, so we started checking the rental market listings.  Not…

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