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Change can be scary.
I get that. Change can also turn a moat into a rose garden. An arrow slit into a symbol of God's gift of hope and love to the world.

And even the bungees on a backpack to a babydoll carrier.
With all the tragedies around America in just the past month, thousands of people are facing immeasurable amounts of change. These people need to be supported and represented.   They need neighbors and faraway countrymen to show they see their pain and will not look away when the crying softens and the spotlight fades.  Some laws even need to be changed. They -- WE -- need more than prayers, more than money.   Especially now, our leaders need to represent what is best about our country and not perpetuate the worst of it.  If that means taking a long hard look in the mirror and acknowledging that we might have been wrong about who those people should be, or what we thought was the right path, then so be it.   Until this change happens, America will continue to have more wa…

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